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The new NCALNE Lite programme by ALEC is now available free on This interactive online professional development pathway is for tutors and trainers delivering trades or vocational training at levels 1 – 3 on the NZQA framework.

  • For tutors: this is the way that you will significantly shift your professional practice towards a practical approach to embedding literacy and numeracy.
  • For managers: this is the way you can effectively implement the national infrastructure that we now have in place for literacy and numeracy.

The NCALNE Lite pathway consists of all of the main content areas from the National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace) – otherwise known as the NCALNE (Voc), but none of the assessment tasks.

Currently, we have around half of the modules live and we’re working on the balance which will be available shortly. The NCALNE Lite is a great opportunity if you need to get tutors and trainers interested in completing the full NCALNE (Voc). It’s a great low-stress taster and introduction to the world of embedded literacy and numeracy.

You need to sign up as an educator on in order to access the training.

If you or your tutors need the full qualification, ALEC offers a number of ways to complete the process. These include:

  • Completing the seven NCALNE (Voc) assessment tasks by distance with support from ALEC. You can find the ALEC assessment tasks at the end of each module in the NCALNE Lite professional development pathway if you want to see what is required. This option is ideal if you are reasonably new to this and want to strengthen your teaching abilities with the baseline knowledge and skills required for embedding literacy and numeracy into your trade or vocational training.
  • Undertaking ALEC’s process for recognising current competency and prior learning. Candidates can do this by distance. This involves putting together a portfolio of evidence and may also involve completing additional assessment tasks as required. This option is ideal if you already have expertise and experience embedding literacy and numeracy into trades and vocational training. You might want to work your way through the NCALNE Lite modules to brush up on content knowledge.
  • Taking part in face-to-face group training with one or more of our expert NCALNE facilitators. If you have a group of 12 or more tutors we can deliver five days of intensive professional development over four months at your place anywhere in the country. You may also wish to do the online NCALNE Lite to support and strengthen your understanding of key content.
  • We can also customise our NCALNE (Voc) delivery to suit the needs of your training context with extra support and practical literacy and numeracy training that goes beyond the requirements of unit standard 21204 and the NCALNE (Voc).

The NCALNE Lite offered through is offered as a free service. The full NCALNE (Voc) qualification is partially subsidised by a limited number of Study Grants, but there is also a fee component charged backed to your organisation per participant.

Email us on with questions or for more information including regarding current fees for the options above.

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