Further information for providers about the Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool

The TEC Website has  been updated as follows in relation to the “Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool

The Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool is an online adaptive tool that provides robust and reliable information on the reading, writing and numeracy skills of adults.

The assessment tool informs the development of learning interventions that strengthen literacy and numeracy skills. The assessment tool also allows learners to track their progress over time and enable educators and organisations to report on the progress made by groups or cohorts of learners.

In summary the tool provides:

  • reading, writing and numeracy assessments linked to the learning progressions
  • thousands of assessment questions, using New Zealand adult contexts
  • adaptive (where the computer alters the difficulty of questions in response to the learner’s answer) and non-adaptive assessments (online and printed)
  • reporting for learners, educators, organisations and the TEC
  • a reliable infrastructure built and tested to IT industry standards.

Different funds require the Assessment Tool to be used in different ways. The TEC has developed a guide to assist providers in how to use the Literacy and Numeracy Assessment Tool (PDF, 515 Kb).

There is now an alignment of the Learning Progression Steps with the NZQF Level 1 literacy and numeracy unit standards which are the 6 unit standards worth 20 credits.  These are compulsory unit standards for NCEA levels 1 and 2.

TEC have developed the Alignment Chart which locates learners who present at step 4 reading and step 5 numeracy (who are exempt from any further progress assessments) to use the assessment tool report as a piece of evidence towards the completion of their NCEA level 1 literacy and numeracy unit standards 

TEC and MoE are looking closer at the common alignment of the learning progressions framework and the NZQF to assist providers with their work.

Aligning the measures of Adult Literacy and Numeracy (Word, 706 Kb)

Further information about the assessment tool

To find out more about the assessment tool, and what your organisation needs to do to prepare to use the tool, visit the assessment for learning tab at www.literacyandnumeracyforadults.com.

Embedded Literacy and Numeracy (ELN) Practices

Embedded Literacy and Numeracy (ELN) Practices (Word, 315 Kb) 


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