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Just to let you know I’ve uploaded 180+mins of video content to Youtube covering the basics of NCALNE (Voc) training in a series of about 35 mini-lectures. These use the same slides and korero that I use when I’m delivering these live (just without the interactive discussions of course). 

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These are available free with no strings attached to anyone that wants them. The only caution is that the assessment process described relates the way ALEC assesses candidates in our standard delivery and assessment model.

The content is geared explicitly to what you need to know and do to generate the evidence that the NCALNE (Voc) requires. So… it doesn’t cut across other information that’s already available such as on the NCALNA website.

There’s a series of playlists for each module. Feel free to use or disseminate however you think is appropriate.

1: NZ Context

2: Maori LN

3: Mapping

4: Diagnostic

5: Delivering embedded outcomes

6: Measuring progress

7: Evaluation

This is my “minimum viable” set of video content and as I can I’ll add more to the collection over time. Always happy to hear your thoughts or feedback, or re any content that you’d like to see us add or create.

The Learning Progressions and Assessment Tool is referenced explicitly in various places as using these are course requirements.

Author: Graeme Smith

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  1. WoW! Well done Graeme. A really valuable resource bank – I’ve forwarded your ezine onto our team of NCALNE graduates – this is a great way for them to update/refresh their thinking as and when they need to. Keep at it!

    1. Hi Peter… Thanks very much…! It’s long overdue on my part. I appreciate your support. Let me know if there is any specific NCALNE related content that you’d like to see in Youtube/Khan Academy format. Kind regards, Graeme and ALEC

      On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 9:25 AM, thisisgraeme

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