Free Online Assessment for NCALNE (Voc)

Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Prior Learning (RPL) Assessment for NCALNE (Voc)

If you already have the skills, knowledge, and evidence to prove it, you could gain the National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational/Workplace) quickly.

ALEC are offering a free online assessment to determine whether the FastTrack process is for you.

You can do the free online assessment here.

We created this online tool to help tutors and trainers involved in adult education to determine whether they already have the skills and evidence in place to gain credentials in adult literacy and numeracy education. You’ll still need to submit your evidence for formal assessment, but the online form will give you and us an idea of whether you’ve got enough evidence and the right kinds of evidence for a recognition of current competency style assessment.

If you are newbie to either adult education and training, or just to the idea of embedding literacy and numeracy then this option is probably not for you.

However, if you fit any of these criteria below ALEC’s FastTrack process might just be the best and quickest way for you to gain the NCALNE (Voc).

  1. You’ve been embedding literacy and numeracy for a while. You just don’t have the qualifications or credentials. However, you might have other forms of evidence to prove it.
  2. You have been involved in training others how to embed literacy and numeracy into other kinds of training. This could include vocational or trades training, but could apply to other contexts as well.
  3. You’re not in a direct training or tutoring role, but you do have learners from time to time that you work with where a focus on literacy and numeracy is critical. This could be in a workplace training environment or in a workplace training context.
  4. You work for an industry training organization. Perhaps you are not directly involved in the teaching or training but you work with the resources, materials, or learners in another way. This is a bit trickier, but it’s worthwhile investigating it with ALEC.
  5. You started the NCALNE (Educator) or NCALNE (Voc) with another provider but for whatever reason you never finished it. Just get in touch with us as we might be able to help you knock the thing off. Don’t let all that work go to waste.

Don’t forget: You can find out more about ALEC here.

Author: Graeme Smith

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