Embracing the Way of the Craftsman (AKA How to Make Cool Stuff)


Here’s what you’ll learn if you haven’t had a look yet:
– The five reasons why you should become a maker.
– How craft and craftsmanship allow you to connect your head and your hands.
– Why it’s not enough to understand something intellectually.
– How to choose to be a Maker rather than a beast of burden condemned to the drudgery of routine and the optimisation of efficiency.
– The not so secret recipe for getting started.
– What ancient poets have in common with modern Linux coders.

Craftsmanship: Have we lost touch with the idea of making things well?

Discover the joys of craftsmanship and the art of doing a job well for its own sake in this inspiring blog post. Explore how building, making, and creating can lead to self-mastery and a better understanding of oneself. Learn practical tips for getting started and discovering your own craft, whether through new hobbies or by joining a mentorship program. Join the community and be inspired to pursue mastery and creativity in all areas of life.