You talk too much

Do you work in education?

Then let’s face it… You talk too much.

And it’s not helping.

It’s hard, if not impossible for anyone to learn anything with so much talking going on.

From you, I mean.

I want you to inspire, innovate, create and educate.

And I want to do the same.

But there’s a problem.

Too much talking from people like you (and me) means less time – make that, no time – for others to learn.

The people we work with need time to talk for them in order to think and learn.

And when teachers, trainers, bosses, managers and others don’t shut up it means they don’t get this chance.

When you start talking, they stop learning.

And “they” includes your learners, clients and workers.

It’s the opposite of what learner-centred means.

Prove me wrong.

Or better still.

Stop talking.

And see what happens.


Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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