TEACH: Session 2 in review

TEACH (26)

As well as details of where and when your second session took place, here are the questions you should respond to. As before, use the sentence starters if they’re helpful. Otherwise, you can ignore them.

There’s a PDF version here you can print and write on if you need it. Also as before, remember that these same questions are in your assessment template.

What went well this time?

Here’s what I think went well in this session. First, …

What about how you managed the delivery of today’s session? How was that?

I think that …

What kind of feedback did you get from your learners today?

It was …

Did you feel that your learning outcomes were on target?

The learning outcome for literacy …

The numeracy outcome …

Any thoughts on what you could improve for next time or future sessions?

One thing is …

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