BEFORE: What literacy and numeracy assessments do I need to use with my learners?

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What assessments do I need to use with my learners and supply as evidence for this course?

If you’ve already had a look at the template for Assessment 5, you’ll know that you need to administer a few different kinds of diagnostic assessments. You might also remember that you need to supply this evidence to us for at least two learners.

And as we said in the last module, we think you should be working with your whole group, or at least four or five learners. This is in case you lose some of them over the next few months for whatever reason.

It’s always better to have more evidence than you need and narrow down your selection later, rather than have to scramble to find things at the last minute.

Let’s work through what we recommend. There’s an overview below, and then we’ll go into more detail for each over the next few pages. This will include some samples and examples that you can modify.

You can skip parts of this if you already know what you’re doing. Or feel free to jump around and come back to it as you like.

You’ll need to conduct and supply supporting evidence for at least two learners for:

  • The LNAAT Reading and General Numeracy assessment. Evidence of TEC generated reports.
  • Learner self-assessment “Attitudes to Reading survey” and “Attitudes to Numeracy survey” contextualised as appropriate.
  • Contextualised literacy and numeracy assessments.

Let’s take each of these in turn of the pages that follow.

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