BEFORE: Do I need to work with my whole group or just a couple of learners?


Do I need to work with a whole group? Or just a couple of learners?

To finish off the NZCALNE (Voc) you need to complete the following:

  • Assessment 5. This means using diagnostic assessments with at least two learners, understanding what the results mean, and developing individual learning plans for them. That’s our focus in these modules that you’re looking at right now.
  • Assessment 6. We’ll talk about this in more detail in Collection 6. But in brief, it includes planning and then teaching at least two learners for at least three sessions where you are embedding literacy and numeracy into the content.
  • Assessment 7. Assessing learner literacy and numeracy progress for at least two learners and reporting back on how effective your project work was.

You need to be tracking the same two learners all the way through Assessments 5, 6 and 7. You can track more than two learners. In fact, you can track your entire class or group. And you may already be doing this anyway with the TEC Assessment Tool and other processes that your organisation requires.

Something to think about:

  • The success of your project work depends on you having access to learners for the next three assessments.

This means the same learners. We know that your learners sometimes disappear for extended periods of time or may leave your programme without warning. That’s why we recommend the following:

  • Even though the assessment only requires you to work with two learners, it’s good insurance for you to start out by working with your whole group.

If this isn’t possible, then pick four or five that you can track over the next few months. Chances are that you’ll lose one or two, but you need to make sure that you still have at least two by the end of the project work.

We can’t stress this enough, as it’s the main cause of frustration for people as they move beyond this part of the training.

If you have a problem with the number of learners you have access to then please get in touch and let us know what your situation is. Email us here:

Up next, we’ll walk you through the kinds of diagnostic evidence you need to start gathering. If you want, feel free to skip ahead and have a look at the template for Assessment 5 and come back.

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