Approaches: Thinking deeper

2.1 DOWNLOAD Take notes on the approaches

Some of the content in these last few modules might be new to you, but hopefully, some of it is not. Often, people are familiar with the ideas, but the terminology might be new.

An example of this might be teaching approaches like tuakana-teina and ako. These are things that good tutors have always done. You might not have realised what it was called though and that it’s part of our approach to embedding literacy and numeracy.

Here’s what we’ve covered:

Let’s make some notes. You might want to skip back if you need to. But first, see what you can remember. Then use the modules to check what you’ve written.

Think about how these approaches apply to your teaching situation. This might be in a classroom. Or it might be in a more non-traditional learning environment like a workplace.

Time to do some work

Let’s stop here for now. Here’s your task:

  • Download the worksheet, or use the chart above to make notes on the approaches we’ve talked about.
  • Can you explain each approach in your own words?
  • Can you say how each is important or contributes to a learner-centred approach?

This task is not assessed, but it will help you with your assessment.

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