Teach better: What are some other ideas you need to know about teaching and learning?

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Concepts we use to talk about teaching and learning in Aotearoa New Zealand

Like we said at the start of this section, concepts are just ideas. What follows next are a range of ideas from both mainstream education and Te Ao Māori that we use to talk about teaching and learning.

Stand by for a brief introduction to the following:

  • Motivation
  • Agency
  • Whakapapa
  • Whanaungatanga
  • Mana atua
  • Mana ao tūroa
  • Mana whenua
  • Mana tangata
  • Mana reo
  • Tino rangatiratanga
  • Kōrero, titiro, and whakarongo
  • Kaitiakitanga

Don’t freak out if any of these words look new to you. The ideas behind the words won’t be. And we’ll explain everything as we go.

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