NCALNE (Voc): Essential But Not Sufficient – Part 2

John B

The NCALNE (Voc) is a qualification that proves that you know the least that you need to know about embedding literacy and numeracy. I wrote about this here the other day.

If your interest perked up at the title of this post, you need to read this piece below by John Benseman.

I already posted about this when it came out. But I know you didn’t read it.

I want you to download it. Do it now. Click below. Go on…

Then comments, please…

2 thoughts on “NCALNE (Voc): Essential But Not Sufficient – Part 2

  1. Very interesting findings and probably needs to be more widely read. It’s a real shame we don’t see John at the symposiums he offers a great perspective that is missing in MHO.

    The NCALNE has been the vehicle through which L&N has hit the tertiary sector. Boy, it had a tough job. It had to be successful with busy and often resistant tutors, trying to just get through the day and make a difference. Let alone think about, and implement L&N. It also had to overcome the terrible reputation the literacy community had developed in which an ex teacher tells you everything you are doing wrong. Yet… it has been largely successful.

    No small thanks to you Graeme

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