Red Peak: How To Compare The Different Flag Choices

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So my bro Simon allegedly started the Red Peak social media campaign. I already linked to his first post about this here.

And after flying Red Peak at half mast for a few days (after we thought all was lost), it was great to see that those in power changed their minds.

Now it looks certain that Red Peak will be one of the options in the flag referendum. This is good news. And means that we can now choose between some actual choices instead of the variations on the silver fern.

And just a note on this: You can like Red Peak, AND still love the Silver Fern (just not want it on a national flag).

What I wanted to see, and what Simon has now put together, is a visual comparison between the different flag choices. With some notes on good design.

  • Please: You can read it in full here. It will take you under 4 minutes and you’ll get an easy-to-read tutorial in good design (not just good flag design).

Simon’ lists 5 questions to ask yourself when you’re looking at the flag choices (or arguing with your old stubborn relatives).

Each of these he backs up with illustrations and a visual comparison between the five options. They’re all laid out side by side. Anyway, here are the questions:

  1. Does it look like a flag?
  2. Does it play nicely with others?
  3. Does it work at scale?
  4. Does it use pure design?
  5. Does it create stories?

If this all still sounds a bit abstract, then don’t just read this. Click through and have a look at the various choices side by side. And consider the design questions as you do.

And if that’s not enough to convince you (or the relatives) then check out this Ted Talk on what makes a good (and bad) flag. It’s totally unrelated to Red Peak, but it does give some great (and similar) advice. Hint: Apparently, Americans have a lot of really crappy regional flags…

Or just hit play below

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