Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (ALNE) Job Board: Anyone interested…?


I’m thinking of adding a Job Board to my blog. Or alternatively, I might set up another site just to deal with this if it got a lot of traffic.

There aren’t that many jobs relating to literacy and numeracy and foundation learning, but then again the pool of talent is quite small as well.

Job postings could potentially include any of the following:

  • Vocational and trade-related training at levels 1 and 2 where literacy and numeracy are embedded.
  • Workplace Literacy (WPL) and numeracy education.
  • Intensive literacy and numeracy (ILN).
  • Adult literacy and numeracy education including professional development and related employment or contract work.
  • Any other foundation learning focused training where literacy and numeracy are required or desired.
  • Any management or coordination roles where the focus is on supporting tutors or trainers in any of the roles above.

Did I miss anything? Anyone interested if I set this up? Please comment and let me know. If I hear nothing, I’ll assume no interest.

Author: Graeme Smith

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  1. You may not get many comments but there will be interest. I think it might just need time to attract attention. Its a great idea and I know lots of people who would look regularly. I think don’t be put off by slow initial interest – it’ll grow.

    Be a great meeting point for L&N professionals

  2. Hi Graeme

    Yes, I’d be interested in browsing a job board like that.

    And can I say thanks for your blog posts while I am here. I’ve just finished the NCALNE and you helped me do that – thanks! The info and your style and tone make for interesting and entertaining reading. I followed links and thought about what you were saying and got some pretty good value out of the blog.

    Thanks again


  3. Excellent idea Grahame, As you stated the pool is small ;but interest would be immense.
    I am starting the Diploma in Adult education and training with through SIT this commences on the 10 of August looking forward to it.

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