Dicing with decimals: Numeracy activities that work


Again, I’m not entirely sure where I picked this one up… might be a hat tip to Rodney Y… Anyway, it’s really simple to set up and needs no resources apart from normal dice.


  • Practice adding decimals.
  • Practice using decimal place value.


  • Standard six-sided dice.
  • One playing board per player. See the image below.

Ones Tenths Dicing with DecimalsObject

  • To get as close to 9.9 as possible. 


  • ŸPlayers take it in turns rolling the dice and recording their result in either the “ones” place or “tenths” place.
  • Each player must have 7 rolls of the die.
  • After 7 rolls the players tally their scores and the closest to 9.9 is the winner.

Author: Graeme Smith

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