Rocket – Where will it fit? Numeracy activities that work

Here’s another one that’s been around for a while. Also, an old favourite.


  • Two regular dice.
  • Pen and paper for the players.
  • Draw or photocopy rocket grid like the one below.



  • Each person needs to draw their own rocket playing board on paper or use the template supplied.
  • The tutor then shakes the two dice and rolls them out. Only numbers between 10 and 67 are possible.
  • The digits on the top two faces are called out to the class.
  • From the digits thrown the players must make a decision…
    • Which two-digit number do they write in one cell in their rocket?
    • e.g. if 4 and 1 appear and are called out they could write one of  14 or 41?Ÿ   
  • Players record their number choice in one of the cells of the rocket in the space where they think it best fits between 10 and 67. They have to choose carefully because all their two-digit numbers must appear in order, and once their choices are written in, they cannot change their minds.
  • The caller does this quickly, so that players must make their selections on the spot, and cannot “hold on” to possible numbers. The first person to have five numbers in order wins.
  • As evidence, the winner calls out their numbers in ascending order, naming these correctly.


  • Throw three dice to create numbers between 667 and 111.
  • Use the random number function on a calculator to provide the first two digits. For example, if the random number is 0.309 you would call out 3 and 0. The limits on this could be 99 and 01. If 00 comes up, miss a turn.
  • You could use all three random digits depending on the students
  • Other dice also provide possible recording options.
  • Play in groups or pairs if you have extra dice.

Author: Graeme Smith

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