Dice of fortune: Numeracy activities that work

Dice of Fortune is another never fail favourite… Enjoy!


  • Dice of Fortune grid for each player like the one in the picture below
  • 10 sided die or cards with 0-9 on them

dice of fortune1


  • The aim is to create the biggest number.  


  • Roll the die and learners put the number in the top right-hand column; this is the ones column.
  • Move to the next row which represents a two digit number. Roll the die. Learners choose whether to put the number in the ones or the tens column.  Roll again – the number goes into the remaining space.
  • Repeat for each row. When all the spaces are full, add up the number in the columns to see who has the biggest number.


  • It is possible to play the game with decimal numbers by rotating the grid.
  • In this scenario the object is to see who can get the smallest number.

dice of fortune2

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