What kind of microphone does James Altucher use for podcasting?

I know… this is the question that you’ve been asking yourself for weeks, right? Well, you can stop losing sleep over it right now…

James Altucher is a kind of podcasting god now with daily daily podcasts coming out as well as his normal high quality and much longer weekly podcasts.

Anyway, I have this obsession with getting the right tools to do the job. I already have a great Yeti Blue Mic which I bought when I was trying to figure out what Mic and software Sal Khan used to create his videocasts and YouTube clips.

RODE podcaster Mic

But lately, I’ve been thinking about podcasting a lot. For one thing, it’s a lot easier to set up, the software and editing seems easier to deal with, and I think it just takes less time. Plus the output is more portable, as in people can download much smaller audio files to their phones, rather than having to stream much larger video files which use up their mobile data.

So I messaged James today on twitter ()  since he was doing his weekly twitter Q & A session and asked him what his podcasting Mic set up was. I thought he might be using a headset, but he’s not. He replied immediately and he’s using this:

You can buy it on Amazon if you click on the link above or in the image at the top.

I haven’t ordered it, but I’d like to. I think I really need two good mics so I can do high quality interview-style podcasts. That, in turn, might require another whole level of gear in order to mix the two mics if I’m recording simultaneously…

I think I need an entire recording studio.

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