Which microphone does Sal Kahn use?

To be honest I have no idea… However, I’ve found one that I think absolutely rocks. Here it is above. It’s the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone – Silver.

This mic seems to work well with both my Macbook and my iPad. I’ve used it to record Sal Khan style YouTube clips for my education and training business. I’ve also used it with my iPad for music, although I think it really needs a powered USB hub to work more effectively with the iPad.

The sound quality is excellent. I’m convinced my voice sounds better through the Yeti than it does in real life. I bought it though the Apple Store but the link in the image above will take you to Amazon. I’m not sure which is the cheapest option at the moment but I’ve had no regrets and I’m hoping to really put it to good use next year as I get large chunks of my training course set up online.

Here’s my set up.

Yeti mic

7 thoughts on “Which microphone does Sal Kahn use?

    • I’d buy the same one again I think. The Yeti Blue is awesome in my opinion. I haven’t tried the alternatives however, so make sure you do your own research. I got mine via the Apple Store. Delivery was quick. Only other thing to think about is some kind of case or bag for it… that’s what I need next. Thanks for reading, Cheers, Graeme

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