Hacking Learning


Everyone is in the education business. At least that’s our take on things.

Obviously, if you’re a teacher, a tutor, a trainer, or an assessor of some kind then of course, you’re in education.

However, if you own a company. If you are in sales. If you make stuff for people. If you’re in business for yourself, then you’re also in the education business.

You need people to understand what you’re on about. This means that you need to communicate.

Trying to work with a difficult client? Trying to make someone understand your point of view? Then you are also in the education business.

And if you’re in the education business you need to do one or all of these things:

  1. Teach the important things about your subject area or product.
  2. Improve the learning experience for whoever your audience is.
  3. Help people do stuff better.

This is the goal of education. And this is what we’re on about. This is what we call Hacking Learning.

It’s about teaching and learning in general. But it’s also about some very specific tools and strategies for getting the job done.

It’s about Hacking Learning.

Education as we know it is broken. We’re about to make the shift to a post industrial education economy.

Some of you won’t survive. Well, actually, if you’re reading this you probably will survive. But there’s businesses and schools and products and people you know who won’t be able to make this transition.

You need to be onto it. You need to be fit and strong in terms of your learning and teaching muscles.

You need to be able to hack your learning. That’s what we want to share.

We might have a go at hacking education, in terms of hacking it up in to little pieces, but what we really want is to investigate the best ways, the fastest ways, the most efficient ways to teach anything, improve learning, and help people do stuff better.

That’s our mission. Will you join us?


Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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