Guest Post: The unmotivated, dispassionate New Zealand adult learner… Think again!


Today I’m very pleased to present our first guest post from Damon Whitten – LN Ninja and Grand Master Researcher:

A wonderful finding from my research – New Zealand adult learners are wonderfully passionate about mathematics and numeracy!

They care…  They complain bitterly when they have an answer wrong, they shout and cheer when they get answers correct and they chatter away to themselves when working on problems.

All this wonderful energy and passion is at our disposal.  Don’t ever think again that low achieving adult learners are not motivated.  They are motivated.

Damon Whitten.

What do you think? Anyone agree or disagree? Comments below please…

You can read more from Damon, especially about his adventures in Maths and Numeracy Land on his blog.

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