Creating Quality Assured Trades & Vocational Tutors who Know How to Embed Literacy and Numeracy


This post updates other thoughts I’ve had on what the profile of a good tutor should be. Here I’m talking about vocational or trades tutors who have to embed literacy and numeracy into training at levels 1 – 3 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF).

Question: How do you spot quality assured tutors who possess the baseline knowledge and skills required for embedding literacy and numeracy into their trade?

Answer: Look for the features described in the ALEC Good Tutor Guide.

  1. Industry credentials
    1. Experience: At least two years industry experience
    2. Qualifications: An industry-based qualification at least one level higher on the NZQF than what they are expected to teach.
  2. Adult Education credentials
    1. Experience: At least two years teaching, tutor, or training experience in an adult teaching context including workplace, on-job, or at an education provider.
    2. Qualifications: At least the level 4 National Certificate in Adult Education & Training (L4 NCAET), but preferably the level 5 National Certificate in Adult Education & Training (L5 NCAET).
  3. Adult Literacy & Numeracy credentials
    1. Qualifications: The level 5 National Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education – NCALNE (Voc).
    2. Demonstrated practice: Ongoing verified evidence of actual embedded literacy and numeracy skills development in terms of the embedding literacy and numeracy baseline knowledge and skills.
    3. Voluntary registration: Annual voluntary registration as a quality-assured, currently practising, NCALNE (Voc) certified trainer.

All this together = Quality Assured Tutors

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