What literacy and numeracy-related content would you like to see on YouTube?

I’m looking to develop further content to go on our YouTube channel for embedding literacy and numeracy.


  • What kind of video content would you like to see on YouTube?

I’m particularly interested in material that supplements our professional development process, but open to any ideas at this stage. Here’s what I’m currently considering creating or adding:

  • 1 minute video overview for the whole channel.
  • More information around the process for mapping literacy and numeracy demands.
  • Case studies of successful graduates.
  • How to create easy embedded literacy activities especially for vocabulary and reading comprehension.
  • Where to find other literacy and numeracy diagnostic tools online (and how to contextualise them to your trade or vocational training).
  • More infographics and explanations of the content that they summarise and explain.
  • Examples of embedded literacy and numeracy learning outcomes and related sequences of activities for teaching and learning.
  • More information on Maori literacy and numeracy.
  • Other aspects of literacy and numeracy that don’t relate to the current professional development programme, but that are still interesting… such as the connections to “Lean” and “Design thinking”.

You can let me know in the comments or email me privately.

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