Free Literacy and Numeracy Professional Development… Free NCALNE (Voc)


  • What if you could get the same training on embedded literacy and numeracy that our paid-up NCALNE (Voc) candidates get… but for free?
  • What if you could know everything that our graduates know… for free?
  • What if you could access all of the same lectures, slides, handouts, and resources that our students get… for free?

I’m not talking about getting the credentials for free, mind you… Just the underpinning knowledge base that supports this level 5 National Certificate.

Then, if you wanted to, that would then allow you to put together your own teaching portfolio that any accredited NCALNE provider could assess. You could do it at your own pace. And our assessment would be for a fee of course.

That was fee not free… Hopefully, you’d come to us. But you wouldn’t necessarily need to. And along the way we might try and sell you a few of tools you need for your teaching toolbox. No pressure though.

And then, what if you could rent the professional development you needed to gain the next tier qualification – the level 6 Diploma in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Education (NDipALNE). You could take as long as you wanted, or get it done as fast as you wanted. All you’d have to do is click subscribe.

Just thinking out loud here… Let me know what you think in the comments.

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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