Shift Happens: How to get embedded literacy and numeracy out of stealth mode

Shift Happens.007I love this slide… I use it when we kick off the training we deliver around embedded literacy and numeracy. I also use it at the end of our training when I wrap things up. For me it really summarises what happens when people engage with the content and concepts.

We get to work with a lot of great tutors and trainers. These guys and gals often know intuitively what to do when it comes to making their training content comprehensible for their learners.

This is just something that good tutors and trainers do. It often happens automatically and at an unconscious level for the trainer.

Our mission is to create the shift that moves it from automatic to explicit. What we want to see is a shift from an intuitive and automatic approach to embedding literacy and numeracy to one that is more deliberate and systematic. This is what gets the literacy and numeracy out of stealth mode.

What causes this shift? I’m not entirely sure, but it’s some or all of these:

  1. Examining unquestioned assumptions about learners and learning.
  2. Discovering new systems for learning, teaching, and assessing.
  3. Making a difference in the lives of others.

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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