Teamly: My main tool for trying to get things done

895-TEAMLY-MASTERIf you’re like me you probably find it hard to get things done. I tend to procrastinate unless I have very specific goals to achieve and usually need time pressure to accomplish these as well.

Ove the last year or so I’ve been using – off and on – an online “to do” list called Teamly to help me with this. I’ve tried a whole bunch of “To do” list apps on iphone and ipad and I think this one, which is online, suits me the best.

It’s a simple idea. Basically, you set your top 5 priorities for the day. You can set them for other time periods as well, such as for the month or quarter, but I have other systems for that. Teamly works best for me when it comes to setting the 5 main things I need to get done right now.

I’ve got it booked marked on my phone as a web app and I can update it directly on the go. I’d like a dedicated app, but I’m happy to work with the web app for now.

Recently, I’ve started experimenting with using this with my team. And I think it’s going to work great. I wouldn’t expect them to use or do anything that I wouldn’t use or do myself… and I think that a year has been a good trial period for me. Now with my team, I can suggest tasks to them and vice versa.

So far, it hasn’t cost me anything. Hence, this unsolicited free plug for their great app.

Have you tried Teamly? Used anything great for this kind of thing? Let me know in the comments.



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