How I set up three new Facebook Pages and the impact of Facebook advertising

Actually, I’ve got three Facebook pages now. Compared to creating webpages on a standard website I can’t believe how easy it is. I’ve set up one for ALEC, another for SMART, and another for Cubical 496.

I set up the pages a while ago but we’ve really only been using the SMART page. I’ve recently been pumping the ALEC page full of photos. Cubical 496 is a Facebook Page for some fictional characters that I’ve created.

ALEC Facebook Page. This is the page for our literacy and numeracy professional development work. We teach the National Certificate in Adult Literacy and Numeracy Education (Vocational) which we call the NCALNE (Voc) for short. This is the new one.

  • The ALEC page started the campaign with around 12 LIKES. However, I set the daily budget to $10 and I’m going to run it for a week only. After one day I’ve got 52 LIKES. This seems like much better bang for buck than my previous campaign which was for the SMART page below. Total cost will be around $70.

Smart Facebook Page. This is the page for our local Taupo community programme which teaches literacy and numeracy and basic computing skills.

  • The SMART page has around 126 LIKES thanks to a Facebook advertising campaign that I ran a few months back. I ran daily ads with a daily limit of $5 or $10 over several weeks and across around 5 different ads. Total cost was around $600.

Cubical 496 Facebook Page. Here’s where you can learn about the exciting life and times of Witherington Smithers, Assistant Compliance Advisor to the firm of Grumpkin, Grumpkin, Potts, and Skubb.

  • Cubical 496 only as 8 LIKES, has never been promoted, and is just a fun diversion for now. If we can think of some product to sell we might promote it.

How to improve your literacy and numeracy if you live in Taupo (and win an iPad)

If you live in the Lake Taupo district you might know someone who needs to improve their literacy, numeracy, or basic computer skills. Or you might want to improve these skills yourself. And you could win an iPad.

Our local Taupo community education programme provides free training that can help you improve your reading, maths, and computer skills.

We offer:

  • Free literacy and numeracy assessments using the latest online computer adaptive testing software.
  • Free access to online training for literacy and numeracy skill development including Pathways Awarua
  • Free access to the International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) for our learners who qualify.
  • Free one-to-one assistance with these programmes
  • A fee-paying option for the ICDL if you don’t want or need the literacy and numeracy help.

And we’re running a couple of competitions. One is a draw this month to win a $100 dinner voucher at Plateau. Have a look here to see last month’s lucky winner.

The big prize though is an iPad. Anyone who can improve their literacy and numeracy assessments between now and September could be in the draw to win an iPad. There’s a couple of other conditions.

If you know anyone that could benefit, let us know… SMART Learning Cafe 07-377-6200

Or at least like our Facebook page…