NESOI’S ISTHMUS – by THISISGRAEME is Out Now On All Good Music Media

NESOI'S ISTHMUS - by THISISGRAEME is Out Now On All Good Music Media

Music is a lot like painting. Sometimes you know what you’re going to paint and other times you start with an idea and build up layers. That’s what this song was like.

Track title was suggested by my pal, Chance Lunceford. And in the words of another Twitter friend:

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What else?

Cover art and also imagery in the Spotify canvas video loop, which you can only see on mobile, is at various locations around New Zealand including Raglan, Malborough and Tongariro National Park not far from Mt Doom.

The image below in one various cover designs that looks like a pyramid is one half of Mt Ngauruhoe, which featured as Mt Doom in the original Lord of the Rings movie.

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