The Uncommon Podcast with Chance Lunceford and Graeme Smith is Powerful Uncommon

The Uncommon Podcast with Chance Lunceford and Graeme Smith

Are you uncommon? You just might be

Regardless of whether you think you’re uncommon or not, you need to check out the excellent and fun conversation I had with my pal Chance recently. We’ve been friends for a few years and it was great to have a live conversation on his podcast.

If you’ve followed my blog for awhile, you’ll know that I reviewed his book here awhile ago as well as recording an audio chapter preview.

Even though we’re on opposite sides of the globe and have never met in person we’ve got a lot in common that’s uncommon.

What’s uncommon about all this?

Chance, AKA @TheUncommonist on Twitter recently murdered his old podcast and it was a privilege and a pleasure to be his first guest on the newly resurrected show in this next evolution.

Chance is an engaging podcast host and always asks the best questions. In our wide-ranging conversations we cover uncommon aspects of:

  • New Zealand including Māori culture
  • Values and worldview
  • Creation and creativity
  • The importance of family.

It’s a long conversation… and – I think – comes in at just under 2 hours. We were just warming up but neither of us is Joe Rogan either so hopefully we can pick up the conversational threads in another episode at some stage.

An uncommon union of synchronicities

If you’re uncommon and you listen (or watch) long enough, you might just hear us almost say what happens when metaphorical truth and literal truth converge. But I’ll have to leave that to you to figure out.

Here’s the podcast…!

Uncommon Mentality – The Book

Interested? I’ve reviewed Chance’s book here but if you’re curious the chapters are as follows:

Opening Your Mind’s Eye – About crafting your inner vision and thinking visually.

Anchors and Ballasts – Explores tools you can use to develop your mental skills.

Power of the Pen – Deadlifting for your brain.

Skill work and attitudes – How to become a better learner, worker and student of life and other people.

A direct link to his book is here if you wanna skip my review.

Uncommon Mentality – The Audio Preview

I recorded an audio extract from the first chapter of Uncommon Mentality a while ago and posted it here, but I’m going to drop it in below for your listening pleasure.

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