The Frustration and The Fury – First Ever Fireside Chat With Brother Fury on the HOOAFURY Podcast

Frustration and Fury

Harness your frustrations with Hooa Fury and THISISGRAEME Graeme Smith on the HooaFury Podcast

Looking for a new podcast for this week?

If you are, then look no further…! Check out the fantastic conversation I had with with Brother Fury from the HOOAFURY Podcast the other day.

It turned out to be a fantastic old-school fireside chat with Fury snowed in at [redacted] on a European winter’s evening with me up with the birds on an early summer’s morning in New Zealand.

And we didn’t even get onto the Dutch origins of my country’s name…

The Sword of Fury

Fury and I have known each other for a little while now and once upon a time even made a song together, but recently we had our first opportunity to spend some time talking face to face.

Fury and I discuss what it means to be well-rounded (and if that’s even possible) and delve into obsessions, frustrations and perfection as well as why it’s good to take a deep dive down the rabbit hole from time to time, how to create a life of deep work, and touch on photography, music, COVID, New Zealand, books, Japan, making your own booze and more.

Here’s the podcast below. Enjoy…!

And just for old time’s sake, here’s a link to the song Fury and I made together as well. You can think of it as an origin story and a lesson in how to reinvent yourself.

Fury has a couple of novels out, by the way. His first one is LLT and is available here. The second one is a novella and you can get that here – currently for free.

Find out more about FURY here or check out his other writings here.

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