How To Win Bigly – You May Already Be Awe-Inspiring and Awesome…

Win bigly

Scott Adams

Damon Whitten

The real loserthink is untrained quadriceps

If you’ve been on social media lately, or turned on your TV, you may have noticed a lot of really buff guys and gals.

And if you’re not careful, the media would have you believe that the path of iron – of sun and steel – is not for you… that you can’t win bigly when it comes to looking good.

Wrong, wrong and dangerous…!

You can win bigly starting today

Even the smartest people can slip into this kind of loserthink. But it’s time to stop being weak.

This book will teach you how to avoid weakness and give you the script to respond when you’ve been having a hard time getting off the couch.

Your bubble of reality doesn’t have to be a prison. This book will show you how to break free – and what’s more to have the most well trained quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes in your friend-group.

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Squat Adams

Scott Adams

Damon Whitten

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