Get Savagely Strong With Damon Whitten: So, You’re Gonna Be Attacked In 3 Months

Get Savagely Strong With Damon Whitten: So, You're Gonna Be Attacked In 3 Months. How To Throw A Man Through A Car

How To Throw A Man Through A Car

The future is uncertain… That’s why you need to get savagely strong. And fast…! Now you can learn how to get so strong you could through a man through a car.

My good friend and colleague, Dr Damon Whitten has written a fun, fantastic and very accessible book on how to get started with strength training.

Get savagely strong, fast…!

This is YOUR plain-English, easy-to-understand guide to getting your body tuned up, in shape and strong.

Greetings future meat-head…!

So, You’re Gonna Be Attacked In Three Months is unconventional. It’s not your usual “how-to” guide. Instead of a lecture or bunch of technical jargon, it’s a story… A story about how to get savagely strong, fast.

You can learn how to get jacked in 3 months

Follow along with Nigel and a bunch of other young, good-for-nothing layabouts as they listen to the accumulated meat-head wisdom of Damon Whitten’s years of lifting weights, talking smack, playing chess, and discussing strength training, big squats and bodybuilding.

We live in strange times

The first draft of this book was written as the COVID-19 pandemic tore through large parts of the world.

And now, no matter how you feel about the virus, the social and political response has demonstrated how fragile the structure of our societies are.

Are you prepared to fight?

Empty grocery stores, the threat of martial law and rise of violence in quiet neighbourhoods are three signs that human society can unravel – fast and unpredictably.

This book will help you prepare, at least physically, for an approaching moment of crisis by teaching you how to get strong. And fast.

Why do you need to be strong?

Being strong is better than being weak, right? The material you’ll learn in So, You’re Gonna Be Attacked In Three Months: How to Throw A Man Through A Car is designed to help you prepare yourself for a battle you can neither predict the time or nature of.

What will it be…?

  • An attack on the street?
  • Protecting your property from looters?
  • Home invasion?
  • Protecting a child at the park from a savage dog attack?

Courage isn’t enough in the real world – you need to be strong as well

Each of points above are real cases where people were caught completely off guard. Those involved suddenly found themselves standing between safety and tragic disaster.

And do you know what helped them survive?

Courage of course. But on its own, that wouldn’t have been enough. They had physical strength when they needed it.

This book is your guide… You’ll learn how to get savagely strong, fast

The information wrapped up in the story in this book works. It’s simple and it will help prepare you for an unpredictable future.

Here’s exactly what Damon covers

Enjoy the ride with Nigel and his no-good layabout mates as they sit around the fire-pit drinking beer, roasting chorizos and talking smack while Damon smokes cigars and dishes out the good stuff including:

  1. Why strength matters
  2. How to build a training den
  3. Getting strong enough to throw a man through a car
  4. The deadlift
  5. Squats
  6. The push press
  7. The Bent row
  8. Why you need to put reps in the bank
  9. Back to the fire pit
  10. About the authors

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Still not sure…? Ok, no problem.

Read on below for an excerpt from Chapter 1 and find out more about how to get savagely strong.

Chapter 1. Why Strength Matters

Fire pit, sausages, beer and cigars

I have four sons who bring with them a ragtag group of friends. A favourite is to sit outside around a blazing fire pit, roasting sausages, eating, talking smack, and sipping the odd beer.

As the designated old guy at least 25 years older than anyone else I usually hang around for a bit, smoke a cigar, listen to the banter, add some of my own, and head on my way.

Tonight the conversation turned to fighting. An interesting proposition was raised.

Scenario 1

  • In three months you will be physically attacked by a man as you walk back to your car late one night.

Scenario 2

  • In three months you will be mugged on the way to the local shops by two teenagers.

Scenario 3

  • A man has told you that when he gets back from overseas, in three months, he’s finding you and beating the sh*t out of you.

The three scenarios were not that far fetched for some of us. As we sat around the fire, arranged on logs under the starry sky, we recalled a friend of ours being almost beat to death in a random attack at a park.

He was blitz attacked at 6 in the morning while emptying rubbish bins as part of his job. He spent 2 weeks in hospital and to this day remains nervous and very unlike his old happy-go-lucky self.

It left him with physical and emotional scars that remain with him to this day.

We talked about the proposition of not knowing when, where or who, but knowing for sure that some gorilla was going to find you and seriously mess you up.

How do you prepare to be attacked?

What would you do to be ready? How do you prepare? The boys rolled off ideas around the fire. This included:

  • Learn martial arts
  • Go to boxing
  • Buy a gun
  • Live in fear
  • Run
  • Negotiate
  • Carry cash so you can pay him off.

I was astounded. The answer was so simple, yet none of them could see it. I waited until a silence settled and then spoke.

“Guys, there is one very simple way to prepare for a physical attack in three months.” I gently drew back on my cigar for effect, and slowly puffed out the smoke.

“Become as strong as humanly possible. When this guy attacks you, be so strong that you break him and then throw him through the car.”

I had their attention.

“Can you get strong in three months?” one asked.

I nearly spat my beer.

“If you start strength training tomorrow, in three months your future self will tear your present self apart. Imagine meeting your double in three months who trained. He would walk through you.”

Nigel, 60kg soaking wet, asked, “What about martial arts?”.

“Well, the truth is ninety percent of martial arts is beyond useless. It fails the ‘real-life’ test. That means when it meets real life what you learned in the training environment doesn’t match the environment in which you need it.

You realise you’ve been play fighting, and just like kids fighting you imagine you can fight adults.

The fighting skills that do help, such as wrestling, boxing, Muay Thai, take a long time to learn. Although I highly recommend them.

Except they also struggle with the real-world test for most people. Your training experience will most likely never put you in a real fight situation.

At least in the early stages, it’s a play fight with city boys.”

That got a few grumbles. “Well how does lifting weights meet the real-world test?” asked skinny Kenan.

“Good question. Here’s how. Weights are as close to the real world as you get.

Every day 100kg weighs 100kg. 100kg on the street is the same as 100kg in the gym. Lift an extra 10kg in the gym and you can lift an extra 10kg in a fight”.

“And does lifting an extra 10kg in a fight help?” asked lanky Lenny.

I took a sip of beer, pulled on the cigar and slowly puffed out.

“Boys let me tell you a couple of things about strength”, I said as I began to lay out the advantages.

“The first thing is that the muscle you have now will become stronger and tenser. You will also grow some muscle.


So, You’re Gonna Be Attacked In Three Months: How To Throw A Man Through A Car – Get Savagely Strong, Fast

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About the Author

Dr Damon Whitten is an unconventional educator and writer dedicated to producing engaging learning materials in the three traditions of Greek education: physical training, literature, and mathematics.

He’s based in Aotearoa New Zealand

If you want to find out more or get in touch you can:


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So, You're Gonna Be Attacked In Three Months: How To Throw a man through a car. By Damon Whitten. PhD. Dr Damon Whitten, maths and numeracy expert.

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