The Bezos-Godin Doppelgänger effect is strong with this one

The Bezos-Godin Doppelgänger effect is strong with this one

Jeff Bezos is Seth Godin

You may have heard this recent news about media giant Amazon

But never mind the Bezos-Godin Doppelgänger effect… have you read any of my short stories?

Yes, Jeff Bezos… each one is a purple cow

For more of my only slightly more serious writing and less about memes and visual puns, please check out these two short, but odd stories below. They are currently FREE to a good home.

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Alec Dystopia – Citizen Journalist

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Alec Dystopia just wanted to be happy. This, he was discovering, was problematic. In another time, perhaps it was his youth, he’d had a traditional education. Personalised. Automated.

Rapid advances in analytics and big data in the early 21st century meant it was easy and cheap to customise individual learning across every kind of demographic, device, operating system, and geographical location.

But the real price of Alec’s free and ubiquitous education had been the seamless integration of laser-precision targeted advertising and government propaganda. Beamed directly into his cerebral cortex. Read more here


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Juan Castillo’s Other Name

Graeme Smith - Short But Odd 5-Minute Fiction

Juan Castillo’s Other Name is a tale of neurosis and delusion caused by a troubled childhood, an obsession with breakfast, and certain children’s books. Juan Castillo, the narrator, has checked himself into some kind of facility to escape from the world and “set the record straight” about disturbing events from his past.

What we – and possibly he – discovers is that he can’t escape and that the fiction of the past continues to dictate the reality of present and future actions.


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