Did you know that the World Indigenous Business Forum was in Rotorua NZ recently?


That was the WORLD Indigenous Business Forum… As in the whole world. And it just happened to be in Rotorua, New Zealand last month.

I heard about it by accident. By word of mouth.

And I got to hang out there for an afternoon and meet a delegation from the Council of Indigenous Peoples (CIP) of Taiwan thanks to the Indigenous Taiwan Aotearoa Business Council (ITANZBC).

This, in turn, has triggered an interesting series of events including making some amazing new friends. And I’m going to write more about this soon.

But just some context, because although this work in Taiwan is new for me, my interest how to apply what we’ve been doing in Aotearoa NZ internationally is not:

The work my new friends are doing in Taiwan in their indigenous communities is amazing. And it’s a privilege to learn a little of what is happening there and share some of what we’ve been doing here.

Stay tuned…!


Author: Graeme Smith

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