Teach Better – Understand Your Context


Last time I said that we had simplified the structure of the new qualification and assessment tasks. It now looks like this:

  1. Context
  2. Approaches
  3. Demands
  4. Strategies
  5. Before
  6. Teaching
  7. After

Here’s how the first part breaks down. These are also stripped back from the previous version of the course:

1. Understanding Your Context

1.1 What do we mean?


(i) Literacy
(ii) Numeracy
(iii) Embedded
(iv) Maori
(v) Pasifika
(vi) ESOL and others

1.2 What’s the difference?

Similarities and differences

  • Similarities
  • Differences

1.3 What’s under the hood?


(i) Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy
(ii) Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy
(iii) Te Whare Tapawha
(iv) Pan Pasifika Fale
(v) ESOL

1.4 What’s causing the problem?


(i) The impact of colonisation
(ii) Socio-economic factors
(ii) Poverty and others

Three things to cover. Four if you count the discussion about similarities and differences between the definitions.




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