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NCALNE Voc Replacement?

For anyone who’s interested in the progress of the replacement qualification for the NCALNE (Voc), my summary of the work to date happening on the NZQA side is below:

  • Towards the end of last year the Teacher Education Governance Group, based on a summary of sector feedback recommended that the NZCALNE (Voc) was submitted for “Application to List”. This was published on the NZQA website here.
  • This approval to list was noted here on the NZQA update page for TROQ review of teacher quals.
  • The update also shows the newly drafted NZCALNE (Voc) as worked on by myself and others in the working group with a reference in the file name to the final version being uploaded in Feb 2015.

From the updates on the NZQA website, it looks like everything is in order. But the wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly and I don’t expect much to change in the near future.

Normally, there is a significant lead in time when introducing a new qualification to allow providers and others to make adjustments needed to deliver and assess against a replacement.

For now, the current version of the NCALNE (Voc) is still fit for purpose in our view and we’re likely to keep delivering in it’s current format until new arrangements on all sides are finalised.

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