Are you battling low literacy and numeracy on the front lines of foundation education?


This metaphor always makes me slightly nervous. I don’t like to paint education as a war, with teachers as soldiers.

However, this is what it seems like for many tutors and trainers… an uphill battle against enemies seen and unseen.

Let’s get things clear though. While some days you might feel that your learners are the enemy. They’re not.

The struggle and resistance we often feel is real. But the enemy is something else.

It’s the fight against whatever swampy quagmire of events and forces shaped the sum total of past learning experiences that your learners (and you) drag in the door with them every day.

And you have to connect with them, motivate them, and teach them.

What they want is not to be on your side. What they want is for you to be on their side.

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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  1. So true! Despite all the ‘generals’ and ‘battles, all our learners care about is whether we are on their side, and how we’re going to help them.

  2. I think it goes a bit deeper – like trusting you to do more than doing good ‘by them’. They know how to play the game too. How do you know when they are not ‘playing the game?’

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