Using the online vocab profiler – Part 5 (Sample you can download)


Here’s the last part… You can review how I put together my new vocabulary diagnostic via these links or just read through below and download the sample if you want to modify it.

  1. My outline is here.
  2. The initial results from the vocabulary profiling software are here.
  3. The way that I generated some useable word lists is here.
  4. And the complete sentences that I adapted are here.

You can download this as a word document here: Assessment4SampleVocabDiagnostic

Sample Vocabulary Diagnostic Assessment


  1. The children were arg__________ over which TV programme to watch.
  2. You must che__________ the evidence against other sources and decide if it is reliable.
  3. Residents are com__________ because traffic in the area has increased.
  4. If my calculations are cor__________, we’re about 10 kilometres from Christchurch.
  5. The statement gives us a fal__________ impression that we understand something when we do not.
  6. You can gue__________ what happened next.
  7. Many wines imp__________ with age.
  8. Make a lis__________ of all the things you have to do.
  9. She received an eight-year prison sen__________.
  10. Pupils should know how to spe__________ commonly used words.


  1. Aroha ach__________ very good exam results.
  2. She still needs to ana__________ the data.
  3. Crime rates are significantly higher in urban are__________.
  4. Dealing with people is the most important asp__________ of my work.
  5. It’s clear that the company has a bia__________ against women and minorities.
  6. One hyp__________ is that the victim fell asleep while driving.
  7. Water is com__________ of hydrogen and oxygen.
  8. The study dem__________ the link between low literacy and poor health.
  9. The newspaper edi__________ letters before printing them
  10. You should be able to eva__________ your own work.


  1. I noticed that he spoken with a slight American acc__________.
  2. NATO is an acr__________ for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.
  3. Aff__________ are a group of letters added to the beginning or end of a word to change its meaning or use, such as ‘un-‘, ‘mis-‘, ‘-ness’, or ‘-ly’
  4. We arranged the documents in chr__________ order.
  5. Coh__________ refers to a close relationship, based on grammar or meaning, between two parts of a sentence or a larger piece of writing.
  6. Coll__________ refers to the way in which some words are often used together, or a particular combination of words used in this way.
  7. As a university student he had studied education and cog__________ psychology.
  8. Ell__________ is when words are deliberately left out of a sentence, though the meaning can still be understood.
  9. The noun ‘bear’ and the verb ‘bear’ are hom__________; that is, they have the same spelling and sound the same, but the meaning for each is different.
  10. A rim__________ is the part of a syllable which consists of its vowel and any consonant sounds that come after it, such as “it” in the word “split”

If you found the sample useful or any part of the process helpful, please let me know in the comments. Cheers, Graeme

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