Hacking Learning – Mini Podcast

Time to practice those new and fairly raw podcasting skills. Here’s the audio of a post from a few days ago:

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

4 thoughts

  1. Good podcast, good creation of context that ‘we’re all in the education business’, whether in a formal sense or not – educating our customers, our stakeholders etc. It’s challenging to sound natural, while having a compelling tone on a podcast! Good on you for getting cracking!

  2. Yip, nice work. Sounds really good. I think one factor leading to success will be to master the voice (the medium forces it) . I think you could do this (you have the gift buddy). Your tone in the podcast is beautiful, rhythm good . Possible next step – vary the pace and pitch (and somehow make it sound natural).

    You have two listeners already.

    1. Thanks… yes, you’re right… Tone gets fixed through EQ, and a bit of gentle compression and a slight reverb. Pace and pitch need to be be right to start with…

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