Tutoropoly: A Board Game to Transform Your Teaching

You and your colleagues are highly skilled members of an expert teaching team waging a battle against low literacy and numeracy levels in a context of low productivity, historical educational failure and increasing technological complexity.

Your team will work across organisations, inside classrooms, and directly with learners to stem the rising tide of poor educational achievement.

You will develop and implement the resources you need to set up best-practice teaching environments across the organisations and classrooms under your supervision. You’ll set up professional development study groups, help other tutors gain quality assured qualifications, and set up systems to embed the literacy and numeracy skills that your learners need to succeed.

You must work together, using your individual strengths to tackle the issues facing your classrooms before the staff all quit out of desperation and the training providers lose their funding and are forced to close.

The clock is ticking as new technologies and other factors increase the demands on your learners and accelerate the rates of incomprehension and low achievement.

Will you find the solution in time? The fate of your learners is in your hands!

Author: Graeme Smith

Education, technology, design. Also making cool stuff...

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