NCALNE (Voc) with ALEC and Graeme Smith in 2013

Kia ora, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year

I’ve been on leave for the last couple of weeks so only just back in my office clearing emails now and catching up with admin work.

If you are interested in NCALNE (Voc) training for 2013 get in touch with me as soon as you can as I’m certain that this year we are going to see some supply and demand issues with regards to the TEC study grants that subsidise this training.

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If you are considering NCALNE (Voc) for 2013 I suggest that we talk on the phone at some stage soon. Either give me a call on 0800-ALEC-1-2. If it goes to voice message, hang up and try again later or email my admin manager on

We don’t officially open until the last week in January so I’m on reduce hours until then.

Here are the basics that you need to know if you’re thinking about the training:

  • We have a limited number of scholarships that subsidise the cost of the professional development for the embedded literacy and numeracy qualification known as the NCALNE (Voc). We set up group training specifically for organisations like yours when we are approached to deliver the training.
  • There is still a per-participant fee of $1000+GST. This fee has remained unchanged for the last four years but due to tightening funding budgets we’re going to have to put this up for all training scheduled after 30 March 2013. The revised fee is likely to be around $1250+GST from that point.
  • We need a minimum group size of 12. If you have staff that need the training but you don’t have enough people to make the required 12, I’d like to suggest that you consider inviting a few others in your education network to join so that we can make up the numbers. I’m sure that there would be others needing this training in your area or close by, perhaps also with a focus similar to yours. I’m happy to talk about this with you. If you can come up with a group of 12 this will allow us to deliver it on dates that work for you.
  • We deliver the training at your site so very happy to deliver in one of your training rooms, your board room, wharenui or other venue that suits your purpose or special character.
  • We do five days of training structured as follows: 2 day intensive workshop + approx 4 week gap + 2 day intensive workshop + approx 6 week gap + a final wrap up session including presentations from participants relating to their embedded LN project work.
  • The content includes three unit standards integrated into the delivery. These are 21204, 21196, and 9685. This adds up to 40 credits.
  • We incorporate all aspects of the TEC’s national infrastructure for literacy and numeracy including in relation to the TEC assessment tool, learning progressions, and Pathways Awarua.
We have a basic basic blurb sheet and an application form for you to have a look at, so get in touch and we’ll send it to you.
It’s possible that this qualification will become a requirement of future TEC funding and the current approach to “business as usual” with training at levels 1 – 3. Think about it…

The NCALNE (Voc) training is designed to help tutors and trainers embed literacy and numeracy into something else. Often this something else is trades-related, but it doesn’t have to be.

It’s possible to embed literacy and numeracy into any context including employment skills or non-traditional contexts.

We’ve also worked with the various Wananga and we’ve seen Maori educators successfully embed LN into specific Maori educational training contexts incorporating aspects of Maori customary practice. I’m not an expert in these unique areas of knowledge and context, but I have facilitated this training for others who are.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Kind regards, Graeme (ALEC)

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