Susan’s 50th Birthday

Saturday May 29, 2021

Here are the details you’ve been waiting for…!

We’re putting down a hangi for dinner but there are other things happening during the day. Please come and go to whatever you want, but we especially want to see you for dinner.

It’s not a surprise party, so if you see Susan or you’re in contact, she knows what’s going on and she’ll be happy to talk about it.

09:30 – Hangi Preparation

Preparing and cooking food is something that Susan loves and kitchen hang out time is where it’s at. If you know, you know. Join whanau at 9:30 for the preparation. Hangi will be on by 12:00 midday and take around 5 hours to cook. 

14:00 – Gin Making

Susan loves wine, but you can’t make wine in a day. Luckily, she also likes gin – which you can make in a day. Join us for gin tasting and making from 2 pm. We’ll be selecting botanicals for at least one batch of birthday gin to be ready for drinking later in the evening. 

17:30 – Dinner

Hangi will be ready after 5:30 pm. Join us anytime from 4 pm for food, drink and good company. We’ll also have sausages on the BBQ and the birthday gin will be ready about then as well. Bring a bottle of wine and join us for delicious Mānuka infused hangified meat and vegetables.

Thank you all.


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