What is agile? Part 4 – The spike

Here’s one more thing from the Agile Fundamentals course I did with my Auckland University Executive Education whanau.

This part was a good takeaway in practical terms. It is something that is called a spike.

A risk-based spike is kind of a proof of concept. It is a prototype, a real-time experiment of what you are working on.

It was a good reminder that I don’t need to go and roll out the whole project I’m working on.

What’s often needed is to take an aspect of a project out to the customer and just give it a go in kind of a low-risk environment.

That is called a spike. It is a real-time experiment and something I need to do more of with the projects I’m involved with.

Wanna find out more? Check out theย Agile Fundamentals course at the University of Auckland with Steven Briggs.

Author: Graeme Smith

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