BEFORE: What are some examples of other numeracy diagnostics that I can adapt or modify?


Before the Assessment Tool, we used several handy sets of generic numeracy diagnostic questions. You can still use these and they work great…!

There are generic diagnostic questions for each of the following progressions:

  • Number Knowledge
  • Place Value
  • Number facts

You’ll find the questions over the next few pages and there’s a worksheet for each to download if you want to use or adapt them.

Plenty of tutors in many different contexts have used these questions as a starting point for writing and contextualising their own diagnostic assessments for numeracy.

Each pair of questions in each section focuses on one step from one of the Progressions above.

Before you ask, the questions in the Place Value Progression – that’s the middle set of questions – start at step 2. That’s why there are fewer questions. This implies that the other knowledge from Number Sequence and Number facts for step 1 is already in place.

Also, there’s a Youtube clip. Just click to watch it as a movie with 5 sec intervals between questions. There’s no audio. If you use it with your learners then read the questions out loud.

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