Strategies: How to write your own strategy for embedding reading

Strategies (6)

Time to do some work

It’s your turn. Design your own literacy strategy by choosing from the options below. Download our worksheet to record your ideas if you want to.

Alternatively, you can skip ahead to the Assessment template and get started on this part right away.

Have a play with the ideas here, but keep in mind that for your assessment, you only need to focus on one literacy strategy.

We suggest that you use the tools below to create a broad literacy strategy for your teaching programme for strengthening either reading or writing.

How to write your own strategy for reading

  1. Choose one or two items from the box and then add your own context below.
  2. Write out a final draft summarising your strategy.
  3. If you need to, make any changes to ensure your strategy addresses the reading skills you want to concentrate on.

I will: Teach my learners to read with understanding with a focus on…

how to use decoding strategies

everyday vocabulary

academic vocabulary

technical vocabulary

how to recognise language and text features

how to use comprehension strategies

how to read critically

in the context of… (add your own programme here)

Download our worksheet to record your ideas and get started now.


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