Strategies: What’s your context for embedding literacy and numeracy?


This is the first section in your assessment. You need to summarise your particular teaching or training context. And you do this by answering three questions.

  • What kind of training or teaching do you do?
  • What kind of learners do you have?
  • What are the objectives of your programme?

We don’t need a long essay here. But we are after good analysis. Answer the questions with short paragraphs that describe your context including teaching, learners, and objectives.

This information is useful to us as it helps us get a better idea about your teaching and training context. But it’s also designed to help you focus on your own context as we start thinking about what your broad strategies might be for embedding literacy and numeracy.

If you’re stuck on objectives, here’s a few things to think about:

  • Your objectives might be formal, for example, a New Zealand Certificate or related unit standards-based training.
  • Or your objectives might be more informal such as developing work-related speaking and listening skills.
  • Or it might be something like developing CV writing or other skills.
  • Sometimes your objectives might include things that aren’t written down in your programme documents. For example, you also might have the goal of developing better attitudes or a good work ethic in your learners. Feel free to add these kinds of objectives as well.

You can skip ahead to the assessment module and download the template if you’re ready to get started on this right now.

Or if you want to, download this worksheet and make some notes. The questions are the same as what you’ll find in the assessment template.

Once you’re done, come back and we’ll have a look at the next section.

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