Demands: What are my resources for mapping? Where are the strand charts?

Knowing the demands (6)

Your organisation may already have printed copies of the Learning Progressions support materials or strand charts. But there are a couple of other ways that you can access the reference material.

The Strand Charts

You can download the strand charts here. We’ll provide these download links again later. But if you want them now, you can download the individual strand charts below. Like we said earlier, your assessment will only focus on the reading and writing for literacy, and number and measurement for numeracy.



The Books

If you have a printed copy of the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy and Numeracy you’ll find the Strand Charts at the back of each book.

These books contain further information about each of the strands and progressions. If you want your own copy, you can download the PDFs below.

These are handy to have as reference material when you’re doing your mapping. If you download these now, make sure you work through the material here first before diving into them.

There is also an online version of the Strand Charts that you can access here.

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