Demands: What and where are the Learning Progressions support material?

Knowing the demands (7)

There are other support materials that you can access as well. You don’t need these to complete the assessment for this part of the course. But you might want to come back to this material later on.

For example, the support materials contain ideas for diagnostic assessment which is part of your Assessment 5. And they also contain lots of ideas for literacy and numeracy teaching activities which is part of your Assessment 6.

We will provide these links again later when relevant. But if you want them now:



So how do I do the mapping?

We’re getting there…! We just need to make sure that you’re well set up before we get started on the actual mapping.

The Learning Progressions framework is not really complex. But there is a lot of information to take in. We’re just taking it slowly.

There’s only one more thing to look at and you can do that while you get started on mapping the big picture demands.

So in the next section, we’ll get started but we also want to make sure that you understand the different progressions and what kinds of skills or knowledge they describe.

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