Does Anyone Have Spare Copies Of The Adult Numeracy Progressions?

Num Progs

This is an appeal…! Do you have spare printed copies of this book? This is the Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy.

If you have spare hard copies that are unused… just lying around propping up a desk, for example… we’d like to use them.

I know I can access the PDFs… just looking for any used printed copies.

Please email us on if you do… Thanks and regards from Graeme and the ALEC team.

Author: Graeme Smith

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  1. HI Graeme,

    At a distant shot you could ask Trish Thorne at Wintec Hamilton, darn it I biffed 4 copies a few years back. If only I was still teaching…

    If I find mine would you like a scanned copy?

    1. Hi Bernadette. Thanks for that. I can download and print the PDFs if I have to, so it’s not too dramatic in term of a request. I was just hoping to find a few people with unused boxes of these lying around… The printed versions are becoming harder to get and I know that they don’t always get utilised. Thanks again for the contact. I’ll follow up shortly. Cheers, Graeme

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