Cashflow 101: How To Buy The Game

I’ve got this experiment going on at the moment. I mentioned it here the other day.
In case you were wondering, you can buy this game online.

If you click the link above it will direct you to Amazon. When I checked this today it said that they ship to New Zealand.

The cost is about $US50. And you still have to ship it. But keep in mind that when this came out it cost about $400.

Fortunately for me, I managed to convince my employer at the time that I needed it for “professional development”. It obviously had nothing to do with my job.

Watch this space for more info about my analysis of the literacy and numeracy demands of this game. And for the resources that I’m working for teaching people how to use it.

Disclaimer: It’s an affiliate link.

Disclaimer about the disclaimer: I’ve never made a cent from these links.

9 thoughts on “Cashflow 101: How To Buy The Game

  1. Funny – my organisation bought it also. I borrowed it over the weekend and friends and I would play for hours. Great game.

    Looking forward to your analysis.

    • hey cool… I think it was a very clever up-sell from the books. I’m enjoying having the financial literacy conversations with a new, young group of people. I’m also thinking of getting the extension pack – Cashflow 202

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